How to buy

Buying a picture on this website is quite easy.

Each picture is marked by a title and a number. To order, you need to send us the title of the picture, its number and dimensions (format, size). You can find the table with the format of the pictures and price in Euros in the „Prices and types of paintings“. If you request different dimensions, a custom price is calculated.

Postage is free for orders over 100 Euros.

You can order a picture by sending an e-mail with the following data:

  • title, number and format of the picture, e.g. Our Fair Mountains 14 – A2
  • delivery and invoice data – name, surname, address, postal code,
    or business data – company name, address, company registration number, tax identification number
  • preferred payment method – either wire transfer or cash on delivery

You can place your order via the contact form, phone or e-mail:

You will receive an e-mail confirming your order with 24 hours since the e-mail with your order has been delivered.

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