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The High Tatras 3 The High Tatras 1The High Tatras 17
 Our Fair Mountains 4 The High Tatras 7 Our Fair Mountains 6
Our Fair Mountains 8The High Tatras 12Our Fair Mountains 12
Our Fair Mountains 26Our Fair Mountains 23Our Fair Mountains 24
The High Tatras 9The High Tatras 19Our Fair Mountains 33
The High Tatras 28Landscape Likenesses 10The High Tatras 30
 Hillside Fields (Meadows) 18Early Evening 4Hillside Fields (Meadows) 16
Early Evening 12Hillside Fields (Meadows) 23Early Morning 21
Early Evening 27Landscape Likenesses 15Early Morning 30
Slovanian Sea 17Slovanian Sea 3Slovanian Sea 24
Slovanian Sea 16Slovanian Sea 19Slovanian Sea 18