I was born in Slovakia – a lovely country in the heart of Europe. My interest in nature and music started in my early childhood, and later it also influenced my choice of the study branch. I studied forestry at a forestry oriented high school, and then continued at a university of forest science. I was dividing my time into studying and taking photos of landscapes in our country in Central Europe. This adherence to the artistic interpretation of landscape has been preserved up to these days. Instead of keeping my photos, illustrating this beautiful spot on the Earth, in a drawer, I would like to share them, and to communicate also to other people a lot of splendid and inspiring moments.

Ján Timko


Mountain Country

Man was born here, in the leap of mountain that became his cradle and the grave, too.
He was born in the unhospitable condition of severe county in the wind beaten country.
It was this country, this earth that carried the worn and bare shepherd ´s feet…
It was this earth that soaked up the sweat which run down the peasant´s face or that tasted
his bitter tears of sorrow and joy as well. The earth that gave him his daily bread
and has been giving all along – food and delight for the soul. It brightens up the eyes,
warms the heart and comforts the mind. The earth, which beauty reveals just a little bit
of mysterious face of the creatures.


Ján Timko wishes you plenty of aesthetic pleasure from the pictures.