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Why these pictures?:


  • All the images found on this website are original copyright photos of the High and Low Tatras and their surroundings. (The website contains also some photos from other Slovak national parks and the Adriatic Sea.)
  • On this website, you can find a wide range of specific mountain landscape photos. It is a complex work of one author that can be an advantage at decorating your interiors with pictures of a unified style and unique technique of one author.
  • An ordered picture is a complete work ready for installation. You do not have to visit any printing house or framing company with the digital version of the picture. The complete quality picture will be delivered on time and in the size ordered.
  • The canvas is stretched on a special board reinforced by inner wooden frame (thus the photograph continues on the edges of the picture). This unique technology ensures high damage resistance (e.g. during manipulation) and more importantly the longevity of the picture suface. The canvas will not deform or corrugate over time like with the usual method of framing. The surface of the picture is polished with a high quality polish which increases the aesthetic value and protects the canvas surface. Together with high quality print it ensures the longevity of colors.

This country is lovely and it changes from year to year. All the seasons, mornings, afternoons, evenings are very nice here in mountains. The Sun rays model the landscape features all the time and I am trying to bring its beauty and secrets through my lens to those who cannot experience it with their own eyes. That is why I would like to bring to you, through photography, a lot of aesthetic pleasures and joy from this beautiful country.
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